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Jill Kinsey is a true musician.  An original performing artist out of Nashville, TN with over 20+ years in the industry as a published songwriter and live stage performer. Hailing from the heart of east Texas, she writes and plays a more traditional blend of country music with inspiring lyrics and timeless melodies backed by acoustic guitars and undeniably powerful vocals.

Raw and real, her songs and live shows are full of passion, love, truth, and healing that are sure to satisfy all souls. Music is her platform and her message is always


Music career…

After cutting her teeth at fairgrounds and dance halls when she was younger, she was busy playin’ in the honky tonks of Dallas when she was finally convinced to relocate to Nashville after recruitment by management and RCA Records. Unwilling to give up her rights as a songwriter and artist, Jill reluctantly walked away from the deal and decided to go a different direction and quickly attracted her own friends on music row. She started forming bands such as Nashville Gypsy, The Kindred, Cherry Stone and Jill Kinsey Band while also paving the way for many others with her long-running weekly gig called Rebel Revival at On The Rox on Demonbruen Street. Following the footsteps of her friends from the Muzik Mafia, she offered to share her stage with artists like her dear friend the late Wayne Mills, Jamey Johnson, Taylor Hicks, Alabama Line, Blackberry Smoke, and countless others to showcase their talents to the many labels and deal makers always in attendance for her show.

Jill’s first songwriting success came when John Rich asked if he could use her tune “Do Your Thing” for Cowboy Troy on his debut album “Locomotive” which hit #2 on the Billboard Country Charts. Jill sang background vocals on the record and the song went on to be featured in the film Dr. Doolittle 3.

Her song “That’s What Dancer’s Do” was first recorded by the Wayne Mills Band who took it all the way to #1 in Europe, then Jarrod Birmingham recorded and played it with much success as he climbed the Texas Country Music Chart. Another song “Cocaine Blues” was featured in an indie-film documentary called “The Buck Johnson Story” that screened at the Houston Comedy Film Festival and the Edmonton International Film Festival in Canada.

After the success of song cuts and touring with bands, Jill began to focus on her personal health and chose to become sober and redefine her musical destiny. She wrote and released her first 5-track solo EP titled “World I’m Living In” in 2012.

Jill was named a nominee for the first Outlaw Female Award in 2014 at the inaugural Ameripolitan Music Awards held in Austin, Texas.  

Her debut album “Just Jill” was recorded and released in 2016. A self-described mix-tape of her musical journey from country roots to rockin’ bands and nightlife to sobriety. The ballad track “With You” continues to be covered by friends and played at weddings coast to coast.

“Blue Light”, her latest album, was recorded and engineered in Hendersonville, TN at Wild Feather Recordings during the spring of 2020.  Full of inspiring tracks, it was silently released for all to hear and heal later that summer.


Listen now and let Jill's magical frequency carry you away! 

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