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Jill Kinsey’s music is an explosion of Truth,  Passion and Healing frequencies that affect your very soul. She epitomizes the very concept of being an Artist, what it means to contribute to humanity through creation. She does it with raw honesty and integrity, and captures the listener with her voice and the meaning behind her lyrics.


Jill Kinsey has been playing music all of her life. Born and raised in Athens, TX, a young beauty queen turned guitar slinger and songstress, she began writing songs in her teens.   Influenced by the likes of Waylon Jennings and Janis Joplin, Jill’s music evolved as a very unique sound. One part traditional country, one part rock and roll. One part indescribable. 


Jill made the move to Nashville soon after High School, forming bands like Nashville Gypsy, Mary, Jane & Clyde, The Kindred, Black Cashmere and Jill Kinsey & Cherry Stone.  Her weekly gig/residency,  Rebel Revival, hosted a variety cast of songwriter characters,  and she held court  for sixty-nine consecutive weeks at On The Rox on Demonbruen St., sharing her stage with many songwriting friends, as well as opening it up for others to showcase their songs to obtain record deals. 


Jill’s songwriting talent was quickly noticed in the Nashville scene. She was courted by writing partners at every turn, and other artists sought after her material for recording. She landed a hit with her very first cut, “Do Your Thing”,  when Cowboy Troy recorded it for his album Locomotive, and the album reached #2 on the Billboard Charts.  John Rich and Paul Worley asked her to sing background vocals on the cut and the song went on to be featured in the movie Dr. Doolittle 3.  She reached her first international Number One when the Wayne Mills version of her song, “That’s What Dancers Do” reached Number One in Europe.  Jarrod Birmingham also recorded “Dancers” and had a hit on the Texas Music Charts.  Her songs reached the film world again when “Cocaine Blues” was featured in “The Buck Johnson Story” documentary. 


Following the success of having her songs cut by other artists and touring with her band, Jill began to focus more on her own personal healing path and music journey. She chose to become sober in 2010 and wrote and released her first EP, “World I’m Living In” in 2012.  In late 2013, after the death of her friend Wayne Mills, she joined up with Brigitte London as a founding member of the Last Honky Tonk Music Series, a historic music series dedicated to sustaining the artists, venues and communities. The Series hosts live shows, radio shows, and events using music as a uniting,  healing tool, and provides a foundation that empowers artists to stay in creative control of their musical destiny.  


 Kinsey's album, Just Jill, was recorded by The Tallent Brothers in Missouri, and released in 2016. This album is human and authentic to its core, one half country and the other half southern rock ’n roll, and a ride through heartbreak, sensual expression, and redemption in getting sober.  One of the tracks, a love ballad “With You”, has been covered by multiple artists in live shows across the country.  “It’s been so amazing to see how this song reaches people. It’s traveled places I couldn’t have imagined, “ says Jill. 


In latest news - Jill took advantage of her 2020 downtime by writing, recording, and releasing her latest full length album entitled, "Blue Light".  This record was tracked, mixed, and mastered @ Wild Feather Recordings in Hendersonville, Tn.   Egineered by the master of frequency, Zack Kasik and produced by none other than road brother, Daryl Wayne Dasher in May 2020.

Digital Release, October 9, 2020. Vinyl release Summer 2021.

Whether featured as a solo singer/songwriter or tearing up the stage with a face rockin’ band,  Jill Kinsey is a powerhouse of energy and her music will open your soul, if you let it. 

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